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07 Types of Logos

As a logo designer you might know what this is but if you aren’t familiar, then let me tell you that all those logos you see around are not based on the same principle. There are certain categories of the logo design process. We’ve discussed the types of logos here.


1. Wordmark

Wordmark logos are sometimes also known as ‘Logotypes’. These font-based logos put emphasis on the complete name of the company or brand. Businesses often try to present the name of their business in a way that not only catches the attention of the viewer but also makes them remember the name.


2. Letter Mark

Lettermark or ‘Monogram’ Logos are a lot like Wordmark logos, basically with the same intention but instead of using the whole name of the business these logos are made up of certain letters or initials from the name of the business itself. These are often used as short-forms by businesses with large names.


3. Brand Mark

The Brand Mark or ‘Logo Symbols’ are an icon or graphics-based logos and these are quite popular as well. Unlike Word or Lettermark logos, these icon-based logos are created in a way that they reflect the name of the business itself. These types of logos are often hard to make as it is quite a task to give a message about a business using an icon in a creative way.


4. Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark logos use pictures in an abstract manner to represent a business. Instead of going with an obvious icon these types of logos give the freedom to represent the type of business in a way that you can symbolize your brand using various elements without relying on the cultural proposition of an image.


5. Combination Mark

Combination Mark logos allows you to combine different types of logos to make one as you can use a Wordmark or a Lettermark logo with a brand or abstract mark logos. You can either put them side by side or can also stack them together. These types of logos provide versatility and also help in associating the name of the business with a picture for better exposure.


6. Emblem Logo

You’ve often seen badges, crests, or seals, these are all emblem based logos. The Emblem Logo is quite old but it still the first choice for certain types of businesses as they reflect tradition. And because of their traditional imprint, these are used by the government agencies, schools & colleges, and quite often by automotive industries. These types of logos include the name and sometimes taglines inside a symbol or an icon.


7. Mascot Logo

To provide a character to the business to get involved with the customers these types of logos are used. Mascot Logos are made up of illustrated characters which are often funny & colorful and they also act as an ambassador of the brand or business. These types of logos are quite popular with food brands, sports teams, service companies, etc.


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