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7 YouTube channels to Learn Motion Design

7 YouTube Channels to learn Motion graphics by Dope Motions

Wanna learn motion graphics? Searching for some free alternatives of some premium courses?

Here, we have curated a list of some of the best YouTube channels from where you can learn motion graphics with ease and that too without incurring any cost. All these YouTube Channels provide free motion graphics tutorial to all.

From teaching individual animations to letting you all discover various techniques of various software they got you covered with everything.


1. Dope Motions

DopeMotions Channel banner

You know us right?

Why are we on the top, Is that your question? Well, you guys are here because of us so we deserve some benefits don’t you think?

Well, if you are new then let me tell you about us in brief:

Dope Motions aims to release high-quality graphics and VFX tutorials. We make learning interesting and simpler. We share the latest trends in our tutorials so you guys can stay updated with the modern web and make sure to help each one who wants to learn so sit back relax and enjoy!

For all your hunger for motion graphic tutorials, we upload a new tutorial every week and yes sometimes twice a week too. So make sure to subscribe us on YouTube and don’t forget to hit the bells so as to get notified every time we upload a new video.

Dope Motions


2. The Futur

The Futur mention by Dope Motions

The Futur is an education platform where creative professionals can learn business principles. They are made up of a group of hand-picked, highly-talented creatives: The Futurists. They’re all driven by a single goal: crafting content that will help you succeed. This is what they say about themselves and their courses. But they also have this YouTube channel where they post new videos every week to teach something new for absolutely no cost.

The Futur


3. School of Motion

School of Motion mention by Dope Motions

School of Motion provides professional tutorials for Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Nuke and more. Their goal is to enable their students to have successful and fulfilling careers in the Motion Graphics industry. With 2000+ alumni in countries all over the world, they are on a mission to be the Motion Design school of your dreams.

School of Motion


4. Sonduck Film

Sonduck Film mention by Dope Motions

SonduckFilm posts tutorials weekly for graphic design, motion graphics, filmmaking, and photography.

SonduckFilm was founded on the concept of making tutorials that don't waste time and get straight to the point, they provide the project files for just about all of their videos.

Sonduck Film


5. Motion Designers Community

motion designers community mention by Dope Motions

Motion Designers Community is a YouTube Channel that is creating content for the Motion designers and CG artists.

It spread inspiration, do tutorials, event, podcasts & much more!

Motion Designers Community


6. Videolancer

Videolancer mention by Dope Motions

This channel is run by Evgeny. He is a motion graphic designer who creates top products on videohive. His product is the number one selling product on videohive.net for the past 2-3 years. He teaches some amazing after effects techniques on his channel.



7. Video Copilot

Videocopilot mention by Dope Motions

Video Copilot is a collaborative resource for training, design tools, and artists. They say their goal is to show people what is possible and how effects can be created so that one can apply these techniques on their own creative projects.

They try to develop distinctive and innovative tools that improve the quality and speed of one's production while offering freedom and flexibility. You can check their tools on their website.

Video Copilot


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