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Best 6 Free Plugins for After Effects

The simple explanation of plugins is that they basically are software additions that allow a certain level of customization in the program to unleash its functionality and to make certain things simpler.

After Effects comes with a large sum of pre-installed plugins for various visual effects.

But sometimes they seem no to be much so After Effects also provide the functionality to install plugin generated by third-parties. We have here created a list of free plugins that you can use with After Effects.


1. Color Vibrance

Intense bright colorization can be tricky and that’s why Video Copilot created this plug-in that makes it easy to achieve HOT colors instantly. And it’s FREE!

They even have added some helpful matte tools so you can generate alpha channels from stock footage like SHOCKWAVE and give you more compositing control.

Color Vibrance


2. FX console

This updated After Effects workflow plug-in is now available for free by Video Copilot to speed up your After Effects by making it work your way. It lets you manage design progress with the new Snapshot tool and find the effects you need instantly.

FX console


3. Saber

This Video Copilot energy plugin is available for free.

Unlike its name, this plugin is very handy in creating not only lightsabers but also, energy beams, lasers, neon lights, haze, electrics and much more.



4. Butt Capper

Until now there was no way to change a stroke's cap type without twirling down and changing the strokes manually, for every group, for every stroke, on every single layer.

But now with Butt Capper, you can change stroke cap and join types on selected layers, selected groups, and individual strokes or across the whole comp (by not selecting anything).

Butt Capper


5. Duik

With its newest version update Duik is not just a script anymore, but it really deserves its name of “tool-set” for After Effects and that’s why we have included it in this list.

Duik is now more like a lot of different scripts packed together to bring animation in After Effects to a whole new level.



6. Orb

‘Orb’ is a planet generating plug-in for after-effects from Video Copilot. Andrew and his team have completely revamped the CC Sphere effect of After effects into a standalone plug-in.



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