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Smooth Text Animation in After Effects - No Plugins

Here’s an after effects tutorial on how to create a really smooth ‘Text Animation’ in After Effects without using any plugins.

This tutorial will also cover several other topics of After Effects like dynamic typography animation, smooth text animation, simple typography animation, intro text animation and much more!

Like always this after effects tutorial is available on YouTube with free access, detailed, simple and easy to follow up guidance.


Free Project Files:

The downloadable project file of this motion graphics tutorial can be accessed using the link below.

Free Project File

Free Fonts

Download the file and watch the video to learn how to make changes as per your needs accordingly.

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Want to Learn More:

Q. What is ‘Text Animation’?

Sometimes the style of text is not enough to capture the attention of the viewer, so just like everything else we bring motions to the texts too in order to make them more appealing and retaining.

Kinetic Typography is the name usually used to represent text animation as it is the technical name for the moving text.

You can check out more After Effects Tutorials on Text Animation on our YouTube Channel.

Q. What is ‘Typography’?

The art of arranging letters and words to make them readable, understandable and visually appealing with the help of certain things like spacing, sizing, shaping etc is known as typography.

There are many facets to the expressive use of typography, and with those come many different techniques to help with a visual aid and graphic design. Spacing and kerning, size-specific spacing, x-height and vertical proportions, character variation, width, weight, and contrast are several techniques that are necessary to be taken into consideration when thinking about the appropriateness of specific typefaces or creating them. When placing two or more differing and/or contrasting fonts together, these techniques come into play for organizational strategies and demanding attractive qualities.


Q. What are ‘Per-character 3D text properties’ in After Effects?

You can move, scale, and rotate individual characters in three dimensions using 3D animator properties. These properties become available when you enable per-character 3D properties for the layer. Position, Anchor Point, and Scale gain a third dimension; and two additional Rotation properties (X Rotation and Y Rotation) become available. The single Rotation property for 2D layers is renamed to Z Rotation.

3D text layers have an auto-orientation option, Orient Each Character Independently, which orients each character around its individual anchor point to face the active camera. Selecting Orient Each Character Independently enables per-character 3D properties for the text layer if they aren’t already enabled.

Enabling per-character 3D properties causes each character in the text layer to behave like an individual 3D layer within the text layer, which behaves like a pre-composition with collapsed transformations. Per-character 3D layers intersect with other 3D layers following the standard rules for 3D pre-compositions with collapsed transformations.



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