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Stylish Slideshow in After Effects - No Plugins

Here’s an after effects tutorial on how to create, a stylish slideshow for videohive.net.

You’ll see the complete process of building up the slideshow like Videohive authors in After Effects.

This tutorial will also cover several other topics of After Effects like, how to create a stylish, smooth & minimal slideshow animation along with how to use shape layers.

Like always this after effects tutorial is available on YouTube with free access, detailed, simple and easy to follow up guidance.


Free Project Files:

The free downloadable files of this motion graphics tutorial can be accessed using the link below.

Free Project File

Free Font Used

Download the file and watch the video to learn how to make changes as per your needs accordingly.

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Want to Learn More:

Q. What are ‘Slideshows’?

When we create a presentation with a series of still images in some kind of pre-arranged sequence or using a certain type of animation to display the same, it is known as slideshows.

Slideshows can be created with any basic editing software or even with Microsoft’s PowerPoint office tool. But in order to make the still images come to life and to make them more appealing, you can use After Effects and our templates to create some amazing slideshow animations.

You can check out more After Effects Tutorials on Infographic Animation on our YouTube Channel.


Q. What are ‘Shape Layers’ in After Effects?

Shape layers contain vector graphics objects called shapes. By default, a shape consists of a path, a stroke, and a fill. Shape layers are not based on footage items. Layers that are not based on footage items are sometimes called synthetic layers. Text layers are also synthetic layers and are also composed of vector graphics objects, so many of the rules and guidelines that apply to text layers also apply to shape layers.


Q. What is ‘Minimalism’?

You’ve often heard about a term, ‘Less is More’.

Well, this term is definitely connected to minimalism. The style and approach of using the simplest and fewest elements that we take while designing, to create the maximum effect is minimalism in design.

In short, creating something that’s very simple yet delivers a lot of information and become memorable, is the art of minimalism.


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